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September 27, 2021

Ok, this is HOT and that’s not hype talkin’. This is an Awesome Submitter Package, with 3 membership levels, 12 Powerful Tools, and an affiliate program that’s gonna make the people that get in the fastest the most sales.

If you have a bunch of safelists or a great downline then jump on this! The affiliate site is Free to all members and comes with banners and a text ad and links to some resources you might be interested in. When you make a sale the money is Paid Instantly right into your PayPal!

The Silver is $27 and you get $24 when you sell one.

The Gold is $37 and you get $34 when you sell one.

The Platinum is $47 and you get $44 when you sell one.

Don’t wait until the net’s been saturated with ads and all the easy sales have been made, jump on this, make 2 sales and you’re already making a profit and then everything after that is gravy and you’ll be using the great submitters to top it all off!

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