Don McCallum
item on the Internet. You could start by marketing various eBooks through your home business, or try writing your own. Which is probably the best way to go, because all the profit then belongs to you.

Companies such as Clickbank have literally thousands of eBooks, including some of the latest, and it is free to join. This will give you access to the types of eBooks you want to market. Another idea would be to packet out of date books, and put them on the market as repackaged special eBook. Just make sure that they are truly in the public domain, first.

A Note for Your Consideration

While you are looking at the possibilities of a home business, perhaps you need to consider multiple streams of income. This should be your goal, along with residual income. The basic idea here is to find a product or service that brings in a recurring payment, such as an ISP or membership site.

Here is something that everybody needs. It does not take that much work to get going, but lays a foundation for you by potentially running itself after you get it going. This may potentially provide income for years to come. After it is well established, you should add more multiple streams of income.

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